Connect Online

Across the country and around the world, many brothers and sisters of individuals with disabilities are coming together online to  share similar challenges and joys that are unique to the sibling experience.

  • sibsNY Support on Facebook. Private, online support group where siblings in New York state can share information about services and resources, and support one another regarding a variety of issues pertaining to caregiving, balancing personal goals and responsibilities, relationships, future planning and more. Request to join by searching for sibsNY Support on Facebook.

  • sibsNY on Facebook.  An open group to discuss advocacy initiatives, upcoming events and more.

  • SibNet is one of the longest standing forums for online communication among siblings are listservs which enable sibs to post (or just read) messages and share information and support. is one of the oldest and most popular listservs connecting siblings from across the country.

  • From Australia to Japan to the United Kingdom, the siblings of individuals with disabilities are using blogs to share their experiences, explore their roles as siblings, and finding that the bonds we share often transcend language, culture and geographic borders.

  • More groups through Facebook. Siblings are coming together through a variety of communities, including those for Siblings of people with autism, Siblings of people with Down syndrome and groups such as the Sibling Leadership Network and SibNet.
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